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Don Hiller Plumbing and Heating offers many different services. These services range from new installation to repair or replacement of products, and servicing of products.

New Installation

We do new installations in homes, or remodeling of existing rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.


We install new heating and cooling systems such as forced hot air heating and cooling systems, wall hung split units, steam heating systems, hot water baseboard, in-floor radiant heating, solar heat and gas fire place inserts. 

The wave of the future in going green has enabled us to offer a full line of new products that are high in efficiency and are better rated to help protect the environment as well as lower the cost of utility to the customer. 

We also can install new oil tanks for your oil heating system. These can be placed indoor or outdoor.


We also rough-in PVC drain lines as well as replace old, deteriorating drain lines such as cast iron, copper, ABS, or lead drain lines.

We also can rough in water lines with copper or pex water lines. Also we can replace your old deteriorating water lines such as copper, CPVC with better rated water lines such as pex or new copper.

We can offer these services to any residential home or commercial building that you need service work done in.

Repair/ Replace

We can repair or replace any type of water fixture (bathroom sink, kitchen sink), toilets, tub/shower, cast iron, copper or pvc drain lines, copper, brass, galvanized or pex water lines.


Don Hiller Plumbing and Heating LLC. provides the service of cleaning to the following:

Oil fired heating systems

Natural gas/propane fired heating or cooling systems

To be properly prepared for the heating season a thorough cleaning is suggested before every heating season.

We also service pool heaters.

Backflow Prevention Devices

If you have a backflow prevention device that needs to be serviced and tested as per your water supplier, we have a certified technician that can come and inspect your device.


Winterizing Homes

We also winterize homes, cottages, or lake houses. We provide a winterizing service that includes; antifreezeing your drain lines, draining the water lines in the house of any water, and adding antifreeze to the heating system to protect all pipes from freezing and bursting in the cold winter months.

We also provide a service to open the homes, cottages, or lake houses in the spring time when you come back home to visit.


If you are interested in having work performed in your home and would like an estimate for the work please contact us for a free estimate that is good for 90 (ninety) days.

Phone: (570) 253-2485


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